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Boarding Terms & Conditions


All Pets must be fully vaccinated at the time of boarding with Serenity Boarding Kennels. Serenity Kennels requires proof of vaccination certificates or records to be provided prior to admission or uploaded prior to boarding, via your canine’s personal database. Vaccinations and boosters must be given at least 14 days prior to arrival. In circumstances where this hasn’t been done prior to admission, entry into our kennels will be refused and your deposit forfeited.

o All Puppies must have proof of all three initial vaccinations 8, 12 & 16 Weeks

o Puppies must be at least four (4) months old to ensure a full vaccination programme is completed.

o All dogs to be fully vaccinated with a C5 vaccination to cover their stay whilst boarding at Serenity Boarding Kennels

o Please ensure your pet has been wormed a minimum of three (3) days prior to arrival at Serenity Boarding Kennels

Canine Cough (Kennel Cough)

The owner/customer acknowledges that unless a letter from your pets veterinarian advises another reason for your pet/s coughing, dog/s will not be admitted to Serenity Boarding Kennel if coughing on arrival,.

The Owner/Customer acknowledges and accepts, that the canine cough vaccine may not provide immunity. The risk of contracting the virus increases in a social environment such as Serenity Boarding Kennels. We recommend you seek veterinary advice prior to booking a stay at a boarding kennel.

Pet Health

Owner/Customer to disclose and inform Serenity Boarding Kennels of any pre existing or current health problems or issues their pet/s may have. As in some circumstances extra care maybe needed or veterinary treatment required.

The Owner/Customer acknowledges and accepts that the Canine cough vaccine does not provide immunity, the risk of contracting the Virus increases in a social environment such as Serenity Boarding Kennels

It is the responsibility of the Owner/Customer to provide all medications required to be administered to your pet during their stay with us. All medications must be in their original packaging and fully labelled with any instructions from your pet’s veterinarian. Relevant paper must be completed on admission.

If your pet has not been treated for fleas/ or ticks prior to their arrival date, or sufficient treatment to cover their pet during the duration of their stay, Serenity Boarding Kennels reserves the right to manage the suitable treatment required to your pet. All costs incurred will be passed onto the Owner/Customer payable on collection of the canine. If deemed necessary on admission, flea treatment will be given as an extra precaution to ensure Serenity Boarding Kennels remain flea free.

The Owner/Customer acknowledges Serenity Boarding Kennels is not responsible for the grooming or condition of their Pet/s coat during their stay at our facilities; however, any canines staying a minimum of four (4) nights are eligible to receive a complimentary wash and brush.

Serenity Boarding Kennels endeavours to take every precaution necessary for fence jumpers with safety top covers to all external kennel runs as well as our Duke & Duchess Suites. Upon request, we can add safety top covers to our Prince & Princess and King & Queen Suites. All our kennel yards are securely fenced at 2.2 metres high with a safety mesh on top of the perimeter. The Owner/Customer indemnifies Serenity Boarding Kennels from any loss, should their canine dog jump over the fence.

Veterinary Treatments

If for any reason veterinary treatment is deemed necessary, Serenity Boarding Kennels will; endeavour to contact the owner prior to treatment being administered. If the customer is not contactable the customer agrees that Serenity Boarding kennels will agree to what treatment is required for the best interest of your canine. Any out-of-pocket expenses paid by Serenity Boarding Kennels due to required treatments or medications for the necessary veterinary treatment, the Owner/Customer will be liable to reimburse Serenity Boarding Kennels immediately.

The customer/owner authorises Serenity Boarding Kennels to provide personal information when required relating to the customer and their pet to a veterinarian for the purposes of treating their pet. Serenity Boarding Kennels reserves the right to administer suitable treatment required to your pet.

Property of Serenity Boarding kennels

The Owner/Customer acknowledges accepts that any damage caused by their canine to furniture, bedding or any part of the kennel suite during their stay, the Owner/Customer may incur a charge.

Bookings and Fees

Owner/Customer to provide all details of the canine and full contact details for themselves as well as an alternative emergency contact name and number.

A Deposit will be required to secure your booking here at Serenity, Invoices will be forwarded via email.

Deposit to be paid to confirm your booking by Serenity Boarding Kennels.

The Owner/Customer agrees to pay the remaining balance of their boarding fees on the day of admission or prior via direct deposit. Any additional cost, the Owner/Customer agrees to pay any extra costs at the time of collection of your pet/s.

Owner/Customer agrees to pay any Extra cost incurred due to veterinary fees, damages to Serenity Boarding Kennels, medication and/or flea treatments that may have been incurred during their stay at the time of Pickup.

Boarding rates are calculated on a per calendar day basis,
irrespective of the time of drop off or pickup.


A cancellation notice of a minimum of 21 days is required. Notice less than 21 days will result in forfeiture of deposit.

If the Owner/Customer wishes to reduce their stay without providing a minimum of 14 days notice prior to arrival, the Owner/Customer is liable to pay the full cost of their original dates booked.

The key to our service at Serenity Boarding Kennels is the empathy, dedication and professionalism of our staff.

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Serenity Boarding Kennels’ provides a home from home, where all our canine friends will be loved and cared for to the highest standard.

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